Get a FREE Twist Tie Animal!

So, here’s the beef, folks.  Check out the following actual traffic data for this blog:


dogPretty pathetic, huh?  We here at sure think so.  And, so we’ve decided that it’s time for something new and exciting with the site.  But, what that something is, we want YOU to decide. For each qualifying submission, we’re GIVING AWAY one of our awesome custom Twist Tie Animals (See example to the right).  Let me tell you folks, these things will TOTALLY make your life WAY BETTER IN EVERY WAY.

To qualify, a comment must be posted on this post before next Sunday (August 23rd).  If you’d like a specific animal, please include that information.


If you would like to receive the actual twist-tie animal via mail (as opposed to a link to a digital photo), please provide me with the following information:

  1. Your mailing address.
  2. A comment suggesting something new and exciting to add to or change about  This must be something that is actually possible for a time-pressed college student like myself to implement.

17 thoughts on “Get a FREE Twist Tie Animal!

  1. I would like a platypus…a real one please. I believe you already have my address. 🙂

    What to improve: simply post more. If you posted more often, more people would read.

    I like Bethany Joy’s idea, too! You could also post pictures of you other endeavours…this evil robot army, por ejemple.

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